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Latest News

  • Organized Crime Against Children and Teenagers 2013-11-11

    In the last couple of weeks, we have seen increased activities on social networks that is attributed to what seems to be organized groups of criminals. These organizations found a simple way to sexually blackmail children, teenagers and even adults.

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  • Facebook Is Cloning Snapchat, The App That's For Sexting 2012-12-18

    Facebook is gearing up to launch its own version of Snapchat before the end of the year, Mike Isaac of AllThingsD reports. According to Isaac's sources, it will be a stand-alone app separate from Facebook's main app that will work very similarly to Snapchat. Snapchat is the mobile app that lets you send self-destructing photos and videos to friends.

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  • New Service to Maintain Children Safety on Facebook 2013-01-22

    PG Guard Technologies launches an upgraded version of the PG Guard service that allows parents to monitor their children on the social network. The service is based on an artificial intelligence technology and contains unique monitoring tools. The service is already offered to parents in Israel by Internet Rimon.

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